kasia szarek


Kasia began her career in the entertainment industry as a child in San Francisco, getting involved in anything and everything the industry had to offer in her hometown. She was the girl whose parents had no interest in being stage parents, so she secretly submitted herself to agencies and pretended to be her mom on the phone to secure jobs. As a sought-after voiceover actress for video games and computer software when she was in high school, she moved to Los Angeles at 17, where she booked one of the starring roles on TheWB.com's Downer's Grove after only having been there for a few months. After a few years of acting, hosting and stand up comedy, she decided to start working behind the scenes in production so that she could stimulate her love for both the creative and business aspects of the industry. 


While working with various production companies, she acquired the nickname "The Casting Queen" because casting was always her favorite part of the job. 


As an influencer with 40k followers herself, Kasia specializes in working with digital influencers and has access to pools of talent in the digital domain who are not typically part of the casting process. She is known for providing fresh and unique talent, fashionistas, artists, bloggers, and personalities in addition to more traditional talent.  Kasia can also provide comprehensive consultation about branding and social media for your project.

"You can't just throw a leather jacket on someone and make them cool."

Kasia is known for her ability to bring genuine, authentic talent to the table. She hopes to soon cast every film at Sundance!

In her free time, Kasia enjoys holding hands with her cat, eBay, and comedy (she writes & performs in a sketch group called Sketch Marks on YouTube). 

If you're looking for personalized, hands-on casting services with someone who LOVES what they do, you're in just the right place!